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Customer Success


At Confident Dental Lab, We recognize and understand how precious your chair time is and are dedicated to providing you with a flawless, long-lasting product, every time, and on-time.

Our goal is to reduce patient chair time.

Goals for Success

2. % Success

Our primary focus is on customer success, that being, our customer and our customer’s customer — the patient. From product excellence, decreasing chair-time, to our billing system, helpful customer service and product innovation. We are known for our client success practices.

We strive for, and achieve, perfecting the customer experience.

Customer Success


At Confident Dental Lab, quality products and customer success is our primary focus. We understand and have processes in place to provide our doctors with a quick response. We know it is most important for our customers to be able to get the information and quality product to their customers, fast.

Time-to-Answer customer excellence.

for Consistency, Accuracy and Quick Turnaround


Confident Dental Lab is positioned with the latest technology to provide our clients with the success, top products and efficiency that is ensured with digital dentistry practices.

State-of-the-art digital workflow technology.

with all Common IntraOral Scanners

5. Easy Integration

With Confident Dental Lab’s advanced in-house workflows, fully embracing CAD/CAM technology, our laboratory is designed to easily integrate with the majority of scanner technologies on the market. This ensures that every case receives cutting-edge precision, no matter your preferred processes.  

Seamless integration focused on customer success.


Our Featured Products

Digital NightGuards

Digital NightGuards

Confident offers Digital NightGuards using FDA approved Keystone KeySplint Soft 3D Print Resin.
Model-Less Crowns

Model-Less Crowns

Confident offers model-less crowns from all common IntraOral Scanners!
All-on-X Full Arch Restorations

All-on-X Full Arch Restorations

At Confident we offer multiple Full-Arch Restoration options.
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